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About dawawas

There are plenty of great events where we take thousands of pictures, such as the last wedding, the epic vacation with your friends, or the crazy birthday party.

No matter how great these memories are, only a few get uploaded to Facebook because they are too delicate and private or because they are simply too big to get sent as an email attachment. Most of the pictures share the same fate: Rotting on someone's hard disk. That's sad! There are so many people out there who would be delighted to see and relive those wonderful moments.

That's what dawawas is for! Create events only visible to people who were invited. These events allow you to collect all the photos and to relive the wonderful moments with your family and friends. dawawas is the digital version of a personal photo album, only visible to the people you would show the physical album as well.

By collecting and contributing pictures in a shared event new perspectives emerge, because you can view beautiful moments from many perspectives.

Of course, you can also create public events to share them with the whole world. You can also invite anyone to an event who you would like to take part in it.

dawawas is free. Don't hesitate, sign up and upload, create new events and share all those great moments with family and friends from different perspectives.


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